This is my live, detailed, step-by-step, learning journal.

I have always wanted to know how people become good or great at their skill, craft, and profession.
I have always wanted to know the specific step-by-steps. — Why?  

(1) Sometimes I did not know where to start.
(2) Sometimes I knew where to start, but I ran into stumbling blocks that later became permanent walls.
(3) Sometimes I needed to think to myself, "Hey, I can do that, too."
(4) Sometimes I saw only the final output of one's work and thought, “I can never do that…”

So I would like to share my learning journals with you, as you may benefit from them.

1) Coding / Programming (Dec 2018 - present)

— Click here for this learning journey —

  • I have wanted to learn to program for a long time. For 20 years!

  • I have tried on and off multiple times (around 10 attempts) already, but I just could not (or would not) stick with it. While I would not explicitly ‘give up’, I would quietly ‘forget’ about it and move on to other goals or tasks.

  • But I am really going to learn it this time (Dec 2018). I also have a strong incentive and relevant product to work on — this website. I can build and code things for it.